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Sable Says #10

Don't mind me, I am just practicing my royalty sit for the day I finally get to dress as the princess that I am, Halloween! or Should I say HALLOQUWEEN! I am so excited! I do want to share a few tips to my fellows pet friends who are excited like I am, or nervous for all the mysterious intruders to be around!
With all the blinky lights, noise, costumes it can be overwhelming for us! Make sure to have your collars and tags on for the big night. If you don't wan...t to be bothered maybe our wonderful parents can designate a quiet room for us to be in for the night, consider adding a light noise such as a TV, music or fan to distract us.
Although there is nothing cuter than us in costumes. With all the activity going on to easily over excite us, make sure we want to be in the costume and it is comfortable. If you want us to wear a costume maybe introduce it early and create a positive association with it!
Lastly, we all know how sneaky we can be with food. Hide the candy bowl. Let's try to be good and stay away from chocolate, especially dark and those sugar free candies contain xylitol, a sugar substitute that can cause serious problems for or furry friends. So be sure to leave a photo of our fellow pets in there Halloween costumes. Have a fun and safe Halloween!


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