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 Sable Says...

Sable Says Blog#9:
AHHH!!! I hate this time of year, thunderstorms, fireworks, and so many different scary noises. I feel like running for the hills till its goes away. I do wonder how our hoomans seem so calm during all of this. Thankfully I get a delicious treat with my thunder medication in it to make the noise less scary. I have heard about thundershirts that work for some dogs, but what I like to do best is find a place I feel safe and hide until its over. Though I have to make sure I have my blankey and snake stuffie.Consider building me a safe place to hide or ask about anxiey medication.


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Pet of the Month

Attention everyone! Meet our pet of the month Little Miss Lucy! She enjoys lots of treats and getting to sleep

in the sun or her favorite bed. She is definitely a spunky old lady!